New blog, who’s this?

This idea spawned a while ago, and I intended it to be a thoroughly-planned, well thought-out “birthday move” of sorts. I was going to develop this over a few weeks… maybe even months! And like all of my ideas, it stayed in my head until… now. But literally in the last hours before my birthday, I conjured up some energy, pulled some thoughts together, and finally got a new “digital space” up & running. If you’re stumbling across this- thanks for stopping by! And forgive the poor production value- I plan to spruce the place up over time.

You may also have been lead here in reference to another post, but I figured this entire strategy needed two separate but complimentary inaugural posts (because honestly, the other one is a bit draining). So whether you’ve read this post or the other one, thank you! Your mere willingness to read through any of my thoughts is flabbergasting.

I honestly don’t know what to promise from this ~space~. I’m currently seeing it as a “blank canvas” (for lack of more creative terminology). A place to dump my thoughts and maybe experiment with other digital content… I’m hoping that the next year of my life brings me back to my former, creative self, and I think of this as a new garden; let’s see what grows. (There it is- the creative terminology!)

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